How to: clean seashells.

You might be wondering to yourself: why do I need to know how to clean seashells? You just pick them up and put them in a nice bowl. Erm, not exactly, otherwise they’ll start to smell.

So, a week ago we went down to Hayling Island and didn’t even realise how many beautiful shells are laying on the floor, we just randomly started picking them up. I recently wanted to change the decoration on our dining table so rather than paying loads of money I’ve decided to clean these shells and use them as our new decor. Let’s see how we did that!

1st: You’re going to need a big bowl (either plastic or glass), put all of the shells in the bowl with warm water and bleach. Let them soak for at least 1 hour. After 1 hour give one shell a scrub to see if it comes up clean if so, move on to step 2. If they are still stubborn to clean leave them for about 10-20 minutes longer.

2nd: After you’ve left them to soak, it is now time to clean the shells. Rinse out the bowl and fill it with warm soapy water, grab an old toothbrush to properly clean the shells. With the help of the toothbrush try to get in to the little cracks and clean them as much as you can,  once all clean, make sure to put them under hot water and get all the bubbles out. Leave to dry on paper towels. We left them overnight just to make sure that they’re properly dry.

3rd: Now that all of the shells are definitely clean and dry it is time for the fun part; shining! I’ve ordered a mineral oil from Amazon which we used for this project, I’ll link the picture below. All you need is some cotton pads or paper towels. We used cotton buds for the smaller shells. Put the oil on it and gently start smoothing the oil over the shells with it. It’ll give it a very nice shine. Leave it to fully dry and there we go.

You can decorate anything you want with your own shells from the seaside which you picked! We decided to put ours in a bowl which we’ve found on our weekend journey to Dorset, it was a handmade rattan bowl from India and I think it looks perfect! If you decided to do some DIY or any decoration, make sure to tag me in your pictures on social media so I can see them and share them!