Miami to Salem.

Last year in September we went to America to celebrate our marriage with a wonderful honeymoon. It wasn’t the usual honeymoon where you just sit back and relax. We rented an RV and drove from Miami to Salem. Hopefully you’ll find my tips useful and you’ll enjoy reading about our trip. 

We had to spend the first night in a hotel because our flight was delayed due to a hurricane (Dorian) so we couldn’t collect the RV. I’d definitely recommend giving yourself extra time at the airport after you’ve landed as the passport check takes up to 2-3 hours which made our situation worse. 

On our second day we finally collected the RV which was our home for 2 weeks! Driving wasn’t easy as everything is just so big, there’s 6 lanes on the motorway and on the other side of the road, so we are really not used to that! It was our first time in Walmart which is a very big shop where you can find anything, like literally anything, and we had to realise that a lot of people speak Spanish and not English. Later, in the RV park the lady told us why and everything was clearer. 

We decided to visit Hollywood beach after we parked the RV but our first mistake was that we started walking to the beach. Top tip: do not start walking from point to another because it is further than you think! There was no shade at all and we were the only people walking in the sun so we gave up after 15 minutes and called an Uber. 

The beach was so beautiful and long but it seemed like a ghost town because of the hurricane: all the windows were boarded up and there were only a few people around. So, if you ever consider flying to Miami, don’t go in September because that month is the hurricane season. We had a few cocktails and spoke to the locals about the hurricane. Fun fact: the lady at the RV park said that everyone is going to ID us because we look so young but we thought we could get away with it, well, we couldn’t, they really take it seriously. But because of the hurricane a lot of places were closed up so we had dinner outside the RV, with the sunset in the background. 

We spent our 3rd day around the river, in Jonathan Dickinson State Park. It was my first time canoeing so I was a little bit afraid, but mostly because of the alligators in the water. We luckily didn’t fall into the water but we got sunburned so we decided to cool off with some ice cream while we spoke to the lady who works in the gift shop, she told us about the crocodile who escaped from the zoo. After that we went to grab a bite and to be honest, we tried a few restaurants in America but our favourite “fast food” place was Applebee’s. The food is delicious and the prices are good as well, definitely recommend trying it out if you are in America and don’t want to spend too much money on food all the time. Or the other option is Walmart where you can find anything, like literally anything. 

After our delicious dinner we hit the road again to Orlando.

On the 4th day we visited one of the best places on Earth: Universal Studios in Orlando! 

It was a very hot day but we enjoyed every minute of it: we decided to pay for fast track because we weren’t sure how long the queues were going to be and we’ve only had one day to explore everything and we didn’t wanna miss out. (I’d recommend staying there for a few days if you wanna go to the other parks as well and get on almost every ride because the parks are huge and you can spend a lot of time there.)

We’ve managed to get on every single ride, but we took our time enjoying the Harry Potter world. We tried the butter beer for the very first time which was very buttery and sweet. (If you try it as a couple, buy only one as it is very strong and sickly after a while).

We got lost in Ollivander’s shop but we didn’t buy a wand as I already own one and Harry couldn’t decide. Then we saw the fire breathing dragon, we then finished by exploring Gringotts bank which looks insanely real. If you are a Harry Potter fan like myself, you’re gonna enjoy every second!  

We did something a little bit different on the 5th day: we visited a little town called Senoia. Never heard of it before? Yeah, me neither, but Harry did his research and apparently this town is very interesting because a few series and films took place here; like the walking dead which is my favourite show! 

So we explored Woodbury, Alexandria and a lot of other places with our tour guide the Guv’nuh who was amazing at explaining everything. His knowledge was spot on! If you’d like to do something different while you’re in America I definitely recommend visiting Senoia on your way to Atlanta, and not just because their crepes are amazing.

We’ve seen the house where they film the new Conjuring movie and a little hint; they’ve started filming Stranger Things season 4! The company we used for the tour is called: Georgia tour company. If you’re not interested in the Walking Dead you might find something else that they can offer!