Scam alert!


I know that being on social media is not easy, you put a lot of effort and time into your posts and pictures, you always think about new and creative ideas: of course you’d like to see a little bit of extra from all of this. But IG is getting bigger and bigger, the companies are using the influencers to do their work, sometimes for free, sometimes for a free item and sometimes it is just a scam. I’ve worked with two companies since I’ve started taking my IG and my blog seriously and both of them were a scam unfortunately.

It has started off as a good idea and to be honest I felt quite honored as they seemed like they were really interested in me. The first company who has messaged me was a German jewerelly company called Engelsinn and they had beautiful reviews on their website. They offered me a 50% discount and a code to give my followers. I really liked their items so I went ahead and ordered a few things but of course I have never got my actual money back from the link provided and it wasn’t even my main concern. After a while they have stopped messaging me about new items and new discounts. Soon I’ve realised you shouldn’t pay for the item if they want to work with you.

My second and worst experience was with the Cleansense company which made me realise I don’t know enough about the influencer life and I should learn more, read more and educate myself if I ever decide to do this again with a company that I can trust: and of course I wanted to share my experience with you all because I know that a lot of you have experienced the same issues or made the same mistakes as I have.

So, this company has messaged me and made me an offer: they were willing to pay 600 euros for 6 pictures that I took with their item so they can use it for their social media and website in the future. First, I thought I’ll just delete the email because it seemed too good to be true but then I’ve had a look on their website and they seemed legit, they seemed very professional, they even had a few reviews about the partnership. After a few days of thinking I went ahead and said yes to the offer so they created a contract for me with my full name, address and everything that was needed, in exchange they just wanted me to pay the partnership fee and the items shipping cost which was about 30 euros. (They are selling their items on their website for 60 euros.) After a week or two the item has finally arrived and I had 2 weeks to take the required pictures which I did, I sent them the 6 pictures with watermarks on them and I haven’t heard back since. I felt like this is a bit rude so I decided to investigate a little bit and found 2 videos on Youtube about the scam which made a lot of sense as I still didn’t hear back from them. I did a little research and there isn’t a lot that I can do but at least I’d like to warn people about this company.

These are the things to look out for when a company messages you:

Language and emojis:

If you receive a message on IG which looks like this or very similar to this: Hi lovely, I just adore your gorgeous feed, I really like to work with you. (kisses and other emojis)

I mean… firstly, they should at least call you by your name and what the hell happened with the formal message? If a company is serious about working with you, they should write an e-mail and not a quick dm on IG. This is disrespectful and rude. Obviously… delete.

If the company isn’t interacting or following you:

This one is a HUGE red alert! I mean, if a company really wants to work with you, they should love your content, they should engage with your pictures or stories and they should at least follow you to show their care and they are serious about their intentions.

Expected to buy the product:

No, no, no, and no! I fell in the same hole, I have bought 2 products which I did not want at all and it was a waste of money. If I knew it is not gonna work out I should’ve just put my money aside. It is not worth it… if you are not sure about a company or an item just ask yourself: do you want this in your life? Does it resonate with your content? Do you really wanna lose your followers because of an advertisement which you do not even believe in? If the answer is no… delete. (If a company wants to work with you, they should provide the item for free, no shipping costs, no partnership fee, nothing.)

It is too good to be true:

If you’re not an experienced influencer you’ll make a few mistake which is okay, but before you say yes just make sure that you make the right decision, look up the company on Google, read reviews about them or just simply ask your followers if they know anything about them, you’d be surprised how helpful it can be for you. My advice would be: just take is slow, work on your media kit and don’t be scared of sending e-mails to bigger companies or send your rate fee as a response.

I am definitely not someone who knows a lot about this topic, these are just the things I’ve learnt over the last months so I thought it could be helpful to someone who is just starting out or would like to reach out to bigger companies. I’ll start working on my media kit soon but for now I’m just enjoying making content to the people who follow me as I’d like to offer help and guidance. Influencing is not for everyone and please, don’t think that you need 500k followers to be an influencer, sometimes 1500 is more than enough for a good company. I wish you guys all the best and if you have any more questions about the topic do not hesitate to ask either here or message me on IG.