We explored Washington

We’ve had such a busy couple of days so we decided to just relax and enjoy the sunshine a little bit. We found the best place ever: the waterfall is literally in the middle of a busy town but it is very easy to find a space to sit down as it is massive! This is probably one of the things I love about America: a huge park where you can just relax, where you can hide from the busy town a little bit. We didn’t know about this waterfall but I’d definitely recommend visiting it if you’re near Charlotte. You can find it in Greenville, it is called the Reedy River Falls.

On our 7th day we explored Washington and we were really excited about it! We started the day with a very late breakfast which was amazing, definitely recommend visiting the Corner Bakery Cafe for yummy food and coffee.
Then we went to see the White House which was under renovation so we couldn’t get a good look at it, and there was a protest going on outside as well.
We then explored around the Monument (which is sooo huge), World War II memorial, the Capitol and a lot of others. We really liked getting to know more about the history, and we actually looked in the book with all the names in it during the war and it was so much fun looking through it!
I’ll do a must see list for Washington later on!
We mostly walked but used the underground as well, it was really easy to use and the decoration was so beautiful! You can buy single tickets but it’s easier and cheaper if you buy a one day ticket to go around and explore.

So, it seems like we were always just eating but to be honest; the food in America was really good! We really wanted to try the french toast but it was sold out in two different cities so we’ve had waffles for lunch on our 8th day which was amazing!
We then explored around in Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens which was a very unique experience as everything was made of recycled materials. (Keep your eyes open for another blog post about Philadelphia.)
After that we went to the Eastern State Penitentiary where we learned about the history of the prison (the famous Al Capone was locked up here). The place does look haunted and scary! Do you believe in ghosts? After this experience I sure do!

We’ve visited the Rocky steps (where the actual Rocky was filmed), but we decided not to run up at them as it was a very hot day!

We finished off the day with having burgers in Five Guys (we are obsessed).

I always dreamt about going to New York one day but never thought it would be possible because my family couldn’t really afford a holiday like that. But me and Harry worked hard for this and enjoyed every second! So on our 9th day we visited New York and spent 2 days there.
We spent the day in New York which is so big and noisy, we both were so surprised when we ended up on Times Square. We took a long boat ride to go and see the Statue of Liberty which is so huge! On the way back we took the ferry so we were able to see the city in it’s colours.
We then had dinner near the ocean which was very romantic and relaxing, we met some new faces and talked about huge boats!

After a good night’s sleep we decided to go for a big walk in Central Park where we made new friends with the squirrels (there’s so many of them running around). There was a chess competition going on but we decided to just watch them and root from far away.
We fed the turtles in the lake, watched some couples in the boats and smiled at a newly wed couple who had their photos taken in the park.
After the long walk we headed to the Empire State where we saw the best view ever which we enjoyed for a very long time!
I was very lucky to meet one of my oldest friends from school so we’ve had a nice catch up over a cocktail (Applebee’s the winner again). After we collected some gifts for friends and family and watched a street artist make our picture.

On our last day we walked over the Brooklyn bridge which was so long and busy but it’s definitely worth it as the view is amazing! So, if you’re visiting NYC, don’t miss out on the bridge but be careful with the bikers who are always on the move!
We ended up in Dumbo which is on the other side of the Brooklyn bridge, where we decided to grab some lunch but all of the restaurants were so busy! After waiting a little bit for our table we had to realise that they sold out of french toasts. (Not again!) So I had a hotdog and Harry had a tuna sandwich which was delicious! After that we headed to the 9/11 memorial which was beautiful! We didn’t know that but apparently they put a rose on the name to celebrate their birthday. It was a really nice touch, we learned a lot about the history.